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A Discovery Flight is the first step into the exciting world of aviation. Whether you’re just curious about what it’s like to fly a helicopter, or have the goal of a commercial helicopter pilot career…a discovery flight at HeliFlySchool will introduce you to all the thrills aviation has to offer.

You will fly a Helicopter HANDS-ON!


Discovery flights are available in Robinson R22 (2 seater) and Robinson R44 (4 seater) helicopter. Due to weight limitations please choose the R44 if your weight is over 215 lb.


The Joy Ride:


You and one of our instructors spend time on the ground discussing the basics of flying a helicopter hands-on before going up for your first flight. The Joy Ride is an excellent introduction to general aviation and will cover all the basics in 20 minutes of ground instruction and a 25 minute flight.


The Future Pilot:


This is the extended "Joy Ride". This flight is designed to change your mind! You and one of our instructors will go up for about 50 minutes, exploring the benefits and beauty of flying a helicopter. You will be taught the basic maneuvers and will experience the excitement of hovering a helicopter.


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