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With the Private Pilot License you are allowed to fly for your pleasure. You can take your friends and family for an unforgettable helicopter ride. Even business trips and traveling with the helicopter are allowed with your Private Pilot License.


From beginning on you will sit in the cockpit to learn the basic functions of the helicopter. Thus, we combine theory and practice. These include, for example, radio work with the tower, navigation, air traffic within the vicinity of an airport and its regulations.


The first flight hours for your Private Pilot License you will spend with an instructor to learn different maneuvers such as: hover, landing approaches, off airport landings. The next big step will be your first solo flight, when you are flying the helicopter for the first time without a flight instructor - an unforgettable experience!


Thereafter, cross-country flights and flying at night are done. In the last phase of your training, you will improve your skills and you are already preparing for your check ride. The check ride will be taken from a FAA examiner and then you are the proud owner of a FAA Private Pilot License.


To be eligible for a Private Pilot Certificate, a person must:

A person who applies for a Private Pilot Certificate with rotorcraft category and helicopter class rating must log at least:

Package prices for:


Robinson R22:  USD 12,920.00 *

Robinson R44:  USD 21,000.00 *



*Prices based on the FAA requirements

*Books, materials and exam fees are not included


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