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You will start with ground training which includes advanced helicopter aerodynamics and the rules and regulations for commercial helicopter flights. This training will take you beyond your Private Pilot skills. This stage of the training is placed on using good judgment, pinnacles, confined areas, power management and your professionalism.


In order to build up the flight time, which is required for the Commercial Pilot License, it is not uncommon for students to include an Instrument Rating and even the Certified Flight Instructor License.


Combining the two or three ratings is the most cost efficient path. Those additional licenses will exceeds basic requirements for a helicopter flying career and makes you more employable.


To be eligible for a Commercial Pilot Certificate, a person must:

A person who applies for a Commercial Pilot Certificate with a rotorcraft category and helicopter class rating must log at least 150 hours of flight time as a pilot that consists of at least:

Package price for:


Robinson R22:  USD 30,290.00 *

Robinson R44:  USD 51,500.00 *



*Package price (Student with PPL License with 40 hours)

*Prices based on the FAA requirements

*Books, materials and exam fees are not included


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