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Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

The job as a Flight Instructor is often the first step into commercial aviation. In this position you will be responsible for all aspects of training and to train your student to be a safe pilot.


During the Flight Instructor training you gain the skills to give practical and theoretical flight instruction.

In the helicopter industry former flight instructor are more employable because of their good flying experience.


To be eligible for a Certified Flight Instructor license, a person must:

You can combine the training for the Certified Flight Instructor with the training for the Commercial Pilot and therefore you don´t need more flight hours.


Instrument Instructor (CFII)

For those instructors looking to become more diverse in their instructing, The Instrument Instructor Rating (CFII) will allow you to teach others to fly by IFR.


To be eligible for a Helicopter Instrument Instructor, a person must:

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