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The training will be conducted at Lincoln Regional Airport. Lincoln Regional is an uncontrolled airport located north of Sacramento in sunny California. You will learn the important radio communications needed at uncontrolled airports and all the procedures associated.


International pilots who are still a little bit intimidated to communicate in English, do not have to be concerned. Our Safety pilot can take care of the radio as much or little as you desire. The Safety pilot also knows the area so you can fully enjoy your flight. 


Lincoln is a historic town just north east of Sacramento. It´s a small town where you can find everything you are looking for. Within the central valley of California, you won´t only find the perfect flying conditions all year long but will also find perfect training locations. Were located just miles from the sierra foothills and just an hours flight from the Bay area. The highest temperatures are during summer with about 95° F (35° C) and during wintertime the temperature drops down to around 55° F (12° C).   



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